When Scorpios Unite

“Who is this beauty?”–A hot question lately. “It’s Julie”, I’ll say–”she runs Juliana’s Vintage”–a hip, second hand boutique on the 3rd floor of her cute character home in Wolsley, Winnipeg. I’ve known Julie for YEARS (my roomate from years ago was good friends with her and to this day we share a friend group and run into eachother a lot when I’m back home.)

Basically, I always thought she was such a rad chick and wished we hungout more, but we just never did. During the past bunch of years we’ve been on a couple of weekend trips together etc. (at one point in time we had boyfriends who were friends), but it was just one of those things where we never got to know eachother very well.

Lol what a horrible regret.

The last time I saw her, she said she’d be in Saskatoon for work and we immediately started planning. It was obvious to us we needed to collab on some sort of creative level and since she was staying at the Bessborough Hotel, it was a sign. We needed to take advantage of the iconic, ‘castle on the river’. Have you seen the pool? It was basically begging for photos with it–we had to.

In between our stops to Ayden Kitchen + Bar, Coors Event Centre, 9 Mile Brewing Co. and Hometown Diner, it didn’t take long to figure out we were both Scorpios. Need I go on? I mean, the creative passions we shared made serious magic in that pretty old hotel–the writing was on the wall. I’m so pumped about these shots we got and all I want to do now is keep shooting. Julie and I have plans to make more magic on her next work trip to Saskatoon (I’m going to be the subject, apparently), but in the mean time, who wants to shoot?

Email tannisleighmiller@gmail.com with your ideas and I’ll send you info + pricing for the below services:

○ branding ○ digital marketing  ○ photography ○ graphic design ○ PR + media outreach





























XO t

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