My Thrift Haul


Last night, a friend took me to a ‘Clothing Swap’, and I can’t get over how many thrifted gems I found. (Do many people arrange these things?–am I in a fashion vacuum?) I’d never heard of it before this weekend and thought it was pretty brilliant.

Going into this, I didn’t really know what to expect, and I’m thinking that’s why I hit this jackpot. When you go into a situation like thrifting (or clothing swap parties?), being open is essential.

And apparently this group of 22 got together quarterly to swap their overflowing garbage bags of pre-worn clothes, accessories and even books and dish ware. At first I thought it’d just be a fun way to drink wine and hang with my friend–and maybe, if I’m lucky, to expand my fall wardrobe–but as soon as the host started riffling through the bags of pre-loved garments, my interest piqued.

A candle lantern? I’ll take that.

A water-bottle with a unicorn cat? Yes, please.

I mean, obviously, some of the items were a hard no and definitely not for me, but others were very welcome additions to my fall (and I guess Summer 2019?) wardrobe. The adage that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure couldn’t have been more on the mark last night and actually, I bet that’s especially true the more diverse the group is. I assume the lady who donated her grey, XL, Old Navy crewneck didn’t expect anyone me (anyone) to jump at it as hard as I (they) did for it, but I have an idea and just trust me. I also can’t really believe anyone wanted the stuff in my sad heap of rejects, either, but you just. never. know.

Also, the leftovers are donated to a women’s shelter, so it’s really a win win. If you take something you realize later you don’t like, you can donate it back at the next swap. Nothing to lose except your neglected New Year’s Eve dress circa 2014 that’s, if we’re being serious, just taking up room in your closet.

K to the point: here’s my haul.

A lacy, ivory, knee length skirt


These drop earrings made of stone and wood


This book.  Because, honestly, who doesn’t need more info on how to let go?

For a clothing swap, how relevant.

These vintage-looking (not sure if they actually are or not), stone and wood drop earrings



This oversized denim button up









This oversized, white blouse (So I’m into oversized, can you tell?)

I’m not 100% sure what I think of this yet, but I think it has potential. It’s quite structured and I think it could work with distressed skinny jeans and booties.



I locked eyes on this charming little orange and brass lantern the moment I walked in. I was DETERMINED to make it mine.

Where it belongs. ❤

5 bottles of Gurunanda pure essential oils (together, the lemon grass + ‘Relaxation’ blend is divine)

So Who wants to start a clothing swap with me? It is pure ecstasy to purge and renew!

2 thoughts on “My Thrift Haul

    1. Everyone just brings a bag of all the stuff you don’t want anymore, and the host shows each piece quickly and you have to yell “mine!” if you wanna try it on! That’s pretty much the bare bones of it – no money involved 🙂


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