The Perfect Brunch Burritos

Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for these cheesy, Mexican-inspired flavour bombs – just putting that out there. I WISH I came up with something so simple and so so delicious.  It’s the easiest recipe–and since you can plastic wrap each one and freeze them–a practical one at that.

It also goes PERFECTLY with a little Prosecco and O.J. if you know what I mean. Calling all thirty-something basic bitches who love a good Saturday boozy brunch.

Anyways. You could totally add avocados and cilantro or whatever other fixings strike your fancy, but I followed the recipe I found here pretty bang on and they turned out perfect. I guess in hindsight I could have added more cheese, but I mean you can ALWAYS add more cheese, right? It’s not like you can have TOO MUCH cheese on something.

These are the most delicious, no frills, breakfast burritos you’ll ever make and again, perfect for freezer lunches or quick breakfasts!


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