Poison In Beauty Products


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Did you know that National Poison Prevention Week is March 20-26th?
Until I started chatting with Heather Von St. James, I didn’t know either. And I certainly didn’t know the extent to which I should know about it.


This week was created around the idea that sometimes despite our diligence, toxins can still be present around us without even realizing it (especially makeup, skincare products and other household goods).


Heather’s daughter was just three and a half months old when she was diagnosed.


Did you know that Asbestos and other environmental toxins can cause a rare, aggressive cancer called Mesothelioma? I didn’t know that either. Heather opened my eyes to a lot of facts that make me feel a little ignorant for not knowing earlier. But I’m grateful I know now because I’m a little more cautious. Because of Heather, I’m a little more weary. Click here for more information on Mesothelioma cancer.


Although individuals may be at highest risk to develop mesothelioma if they’re exposed to asbestos in the workplace or at home, it can happen to anyone, anywhere. Anyone that wears sunscreen. Anyone that drinks bottled water. Anyone that wears clothes or uses detergent.


Anyone that breaths.


Sound scary? It is.


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.18.39 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.18.55 PM.png


Heather has taught me that these lethal, environmental toxins are still widely present in homes, schools and spaces built prior to 1980. Click here to see all the ways to avoid Asbestos and prevent this awful disease.


And click here to read Heather’s story. It is beyond eye opening and inspiring.


And take a peak at this infographic, below. It’s not focused on Asbestos, but it shows you just how dangerous certain products can be.


Be picky about what you put on your skin, but also be picky about what you breath in. Look at your makeup and check your bathroom products for the following ingredients. I should have been doing it long ago, but at least I can start now.






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