So What I’m a Follower?

“So who do you follow?”

This was a serious question in a conversation with a couple of my friends the other day and we weren’t discussing our stalking habits. It was instead, surrounding our favourite bloggers; makeup, beauty and otherwise.

I was surprised when I realized my friends hadn’t heard about my favourites, and they shared equal astonishment with my apparent ignorance of theirs. Obviously friends for a reason, our conversation bubbled over the same thought: these bloggers write so much more than beauty; they write life. They write so much life, in fact, that we feel as though we know these Insta-famous personas who live behind our MacBook screens. I know when they have their babies, when they get married and I even know their morning bathroom routines. This conjured up another realization for me: there are a lot of beauty bloggers out there. So what makes the ones that I follow so memorable? Surely, there must be something that makes these particular bloggin’ babes linger in my most loved list.

In some way or another, I think it’s because I identify with them all. They all seem like girls who aren’t just put-together plastics who live off likes and feed off followers, they have personality. Real talk = they are genuine.

I love Amber’s locks, Emily’s eloquence and put-together-perfectness and Tiffany’s real views on makeup. They just get it. I feel like they live in my bedroom.I want to have wine with them. 

In case you’re like my girls who were obviously missing out on integral morning coffee companions, I’m going to do you a solid and introduce you here:

Meet Emily @ She is the epitome of classic-chic and like I said, put-together. You would never expect her to be a self-proclaimed slob. Ever. Ever, ever. She has a tab on her site devoted to home decor and DIY and it inspires me to no end. My first home’s contemporary modern-vintage flare is going to be largely in thanks to E.

And Kaitlyn. I’ve been a fan of hers since the day her blog,, launched. As reality series star Brody Jenner’s SO, Kaitlyn’s been in the limelight for a while now so her built-in audience ate her up right away. And with good reason. The New Hampshire native is all about travel, fashion and love stuff, too. What’s not to like, honestly.

This wouldn’t be a favourite blogger post of any kind if I didn’t mention miss Amber Fillerup-Clark and attribute her braids for at least a partial reason for how my hair almost doubled in length.* In a nutshell, if you don’t wash your hair much, the natural oils will help it grow. If you rock braids often, you don’t have to wash it as much. And if you’ve ever seen me at all, you’ve noticed I have a bit of an affliction for braids. A pattern does exist here and I digress. I also, wouldn’t be a very honest person if I didn’t completely knowledge this Barefoot Blonde for almost all of my knotty hair aesthetics: You can thank me later. For now, click here:

**Stay tuned for an upcoming segment on how else to grow your mane. You’ll be thanking me again, trust me. 

And of course, Tiffany D, the YouTube beauty blogger/guru who influenced me (big time) early on as a makeup artist. Not only is she a new mom and also amazing at explaining makeup how-tos, but she gives awesome outfit/fashion and home decor advice, too. Come to think of it, put-togetherness must be a definite component in the level of my blogger interest.

Now, I have a question for you. Who do you follow? Or better yet, why?

Happy following,

T xo

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