6 Influencers You Need to be Following Right Now

Books, podcasts, blogs – they’re kind of like beauty products, you usually find out about the best ones through friends. Nowadays there is simply way too much content to stumble across on your own so hello, hi–here to serve you today! Allow me to shine the light on 6 influencers/blogs that basically changed my life. And remember, I’ve indicated where I consume this particular content the most, but some of them are likely on other platforms too.

Podcasts are also having a hot minute right now so I’ve been diving in a little deeper and let. me. tell. you. I found some real gems. I love an informative, but entertaining show that will make me smarter but also make me laugh. Too much to ask? No! ENTER: The Lady Gang, the Him & Her Podcast, The Influencer Podcast and Goal Digger. I listen to a podcast almost every day when I get ready in the morning. There’s just something about caffeine and a good Pod to really kick your day into gear.

And if it isn’t obvious already, social media and branding are generally things I’m somewhat super into so if you’re anything like me you’ll love at least most of these.


Allana Davison

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 2.04.59 PM

Where: Youtube (Allana Davison)+ Instagram @allanaramaa

What: I LOVE this girl. She’s all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle and recommends the best products. She’s also from Vancouver–gots to love me a Canadian blogger.

Why: Along with the aforementioned details above, she’s funny AF. Makeup goals, too.


The Skinny Confidential

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 3.59.28 PM

Where: @theskinnyconfidential

What: Blog + Instagram + Podcast + Secret Facebook Group 

Why: Because Laryn. That’s my answer. Seriously, this is my ride-or-die, holy grail, favourite blogger of all time. She’s based in San Diego/LA and creates amazing content for everything beauty and lifestyle, productivity, fitness and nutrition, relationships, sex, etc.. Although she’s probably known best for her skin care and diet tips, she’s also a great source of info if you’re creative entrepreneur interested in upping your social engagement or overall branding. I’ve learned a lot from her actually. The Skinny Confidential also has an all-female “secret Facebook group”–a community of like-minded creative professionals and women looking to dish on business tips, relationship advice, and second opinions on outfits. It feels like a regular, in person hangout with #nofilter. Sometime.

And she’s real AF, too. She swears (key), talks about sex, vaginas, guys and boob jobs. You will kind of just automatically love her.

Lauryn created a lifestyle brand across pretty much all major platforms, but I keep up with her the most on Instagram, her blog, and–my favourite–her podcast with her ‘serial entrepreneur’ husband, Michal Bostick–The Him & HerPodcast. Every Tuesday (and now biweekly Thursdays) they release a new episode and always have the best guests like doctors, celebs, entrepreneurs, famous bloggers/actors/authors, etc. I’ve gotten so much value out of this podcast over the past year or more for pretty much every area of my life.

She’s also incredibly personable considering her giant following. And don’t be jealous but we’ve also had full on meaningful convos on Snapchat and Insta DMs. We’re basically best friends.



Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 12.45.50 PM.png


Where: Blog/Youtube

What: tools via workshops, webinars, online classes, stock photos & more so you can kill it online

Why: So this one isn’t ONE SINGLE ‘influencer’, but it’s so influential to me that I had to put it in here. Watching these webinars or little Youtube vids never fail to give me a surge of inspo when it comes to social media and content creation. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be into their quick tips on how to effectively use social media for whatever you use it for, really. Their content has also been really valuable and relevant to my job in marketing/communications. They’re always up to date on the ever-evolving (and continuously overwhelming…?) digital marketing landscape and keeps me sharp with trends and algorithm changes.

Side tangent: I really feel like if your job has elements of your hobby in it, it’s a lot easier to build your skillset and stand out in the work force. I think it’s when you’re constantly hungry to learn about something, that’s when you get really good at it. I’m not going to lie, I may have once or twice cozied up in bed after a night out and watched their hashtag strategy and photo editing videos while I downed takeout pizza. Let me tell you, I highly recommend this very, very odd combination. (Marinara + white sheets though, not as much).

The Lady Gang – Podcast 

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 12.50.19 PM.png

Where: Apple Podcast

What: Podcast featuring Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek–Self-proclaimed C list Hollywood celebrities who make me literally laugh out loud IRL.

Why: I don’t even really know where to begin with this one because it makes me happy for so many reasons. I listen to it while I get ready in the morning and their hilarious banter totally sets me in a good mood for the day. Just listen.

Essentially a boozy brunch in podcast form.


Goal Digger – Podcast

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 12.51.47 PM

Where: Apple Podcasts

What: Jenna Kutcher, “self-made millionare and marketing expert”, touches on finding your dream job, how to master productivity and turn your passions into profits.

Why: This is MY kind of motivational podcast. Whenever I listen to it, my brain goes into overdrive and I get so many ideas and so much inspo. (yes, just like this blog that has been neglected for way too long). Thank you, Jenna!


The Influencer Podcast – Podcast

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 12.53.31 PM.png

Where: Apple Podcasts

What: Julie Solomon’s podcast explores the secrets behind the ever-changing trends of influencer marketing and the careers of today’s top social influencers.

Why: I love her and her and all of her guests. Some of the episodes are pretty detail-driven, but others are more high level. She talks a lot about social strategy and negotiating brand deals. I feel like I get so much out of each episode and as soon as I started listening, I started acquiring actual brand deals and collabs, myself . So far it’s just been in free products and experiences but it’s been so satisfying seeing actual results from some of her advice. Again, if you have anything in common with me and love exploring the opportunities in social media and blogging, you’ll find these almost like super helpful, auditory tutorials. With this podcast, I always find so many key takeaways that also help me with my day job.

Any other books/blogs/podcasts you love? Share them in the comments, below! I love a good recommendation.



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