1 Tank, 3 Ways

You know that one article of clothing you always wear? You know the one; the tank or tee you end up digging out of your hamper with when you can’t find anything else? (I can’t be the only one…).

That’s this Jazz Fest tank for me. My rain or shine, ride or die, gunna-wear-this-for-the rest of my life Jazz Fest tank that works with everything and I challenge you to peel off me, I swear. It’s just the perfect, slim fit with a vintage feel tank (I’m wearing a medium, but the small could work too if you like a snugger fit) with the softest material that doesn’t cling in an annoying way. Come to think of it, it’s actually the chic, tank equivalent of fat pants, kind of?


My favourite ways to wear it are the semi-unexpected, dressed up ways. Lately, I’ve been really into dressing up everything that’s otherwise-casual: athletic shoes, sneakers and, surprise surprise, the tank in mention.

I’m wearing it for three different looks here and it totally works for all scenarios, am I right?


First we’ve got the “concert” look. Also totally appropriate for pre game patio cocktails at Metric Garden Lounge at the Bessborough hotel in Saskatoon (Probably my favourite look of all three).


Floral maxi skirt (Is this bright button down skirt not everything? It also comes in red!) – Tonic

Boy cap (HOW FUN IS THIS HAT?) – Tonic

Gold Metalic Earrings / Gold Bar Necklace – Tonic

Gypset Single Crystal Wrap Bracelet – Indah Lux

SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Unisex Solo Crop Circles Tank


Vince Camuto Caveena Leather Sandals – Swank Shoe Lounge

I’m obsessed with these. Also, no joke, comfiest shoes I’ve ever worn.


Anthony’s Fashion here in Saskatoon never disappoints. I always want something (or everything) when I’m there, including this butter-like soft brown leather mini skirt. This is the perfect look for any sort of “date” situation. I think everyone needs a leather skirt in their life. They’re so weirdly slimming. This entire look just works with this tank and plays into a bit of a girly rocker vibe.


And the shoes. THE SHOES!


Tie up sandals – Swank Shoe Lounge

Necklace, skirt, kimono robe – Anthony’s Fashion 

SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Unisex Solo Crop Circles Tank


Taverna Italian Kitchen + BarJazzFestTank3ways9

Anthony’s Fashion  for the win here again. Speaking of butter-like, these jeans from there are SMOOTH. I love this kimono robe so much too because you can also wear it a zillion ways, and it takes a jeans-and-a-tank look up a few notches. The tank proves it’s versatility here once again as an ideal “boozy brunch” tank.


Strappy zip up sandals – Swank Shoe Lounge

Stretchy jeans / necklace / kimono robe – Anthony’s Fashion 

Sticks & Stones restaurant


Buy the tank here, and snag a few other gems while you’re at it. I don’t know about you but the Unisex Moon Tee is calling my name.

All styling by Addi Adedayo

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