Life is Short, Have the Chocolate. (Overcoming Eating/Image Disorders & Treating Yourself)

If you’ve followed along on my health and fitness journey over the years, you’ll know I’ve struggled a lot with finding balance with nutrition and exercise. Simply put, it took me a a LOT of time (years and years post fitness competition days) to finally figure it out and re-train my brain that not everything fits in the black and white, or good or bad box. We’re talking about food here.

I’ll do another post about this soon, but just to give you some background about how I viewed (and currently view) treats, I’ll give you a short recap. So back in the day, I’d live for “cheat meals” and only after religiously following my insane diet and killing myself for hours in the gym each day (boy do I not miss those days), would I reward myself with a huge ass meal. Think everything from ice cream to cookies to cake and raw cookie dough – those days, the meaning of sweet tooth was taken to a whole other level and I would morph into a human Cookie Monstor. So sexy! I’d absolutely binge on everything and anything I could, until I felt sick. And then I’d have more. I mean, I wouldn’t get to do that for another week or two if I was lucky and “earned” it with the results my trainers were expecting of me, so why not go to down and climb sugar mountain? I know, gross. I started to view foods like chocolate as forbidden, so when I was “off season” and finished training for my shows, I’d definitely rebound. Regardless of my good intentions of trying to eat clean even though I didn’t HAVE to, I’d still end up “slipping”. Like, you know, by binging on sinfully good chocolate, then pastries, then followed by extreme remorse.

Basically, those days gave me a form of eating and image disorders – things that, from time to time, still affect me.

So long story short, I started to lose sight as to why I was even doing all of that in the first place. I mean, I got into fitness because I loved how working out and eating well made me feel, and I was now doing everything opposite of healthy. Like I said, it’s taken many years to find the meaning of true balance, and I’ve come a long way. I eat clean probably 80%-ish of the time, and I do a lot of yoga. I take many rest days when I’m too tired or not feeling it, and although sometimes I feel my old, ugly competition day guilt creep into my subconscious, I check myself with a dose of reality and remind myself it’s OKAY. I have a glass of wine a couple times per week, and have chocolate probably every day. I do not sweat it, and because I don’t sweat it, I hardly crave anything anymore. I feel like for me, that’s true balance.

I’m still very much about health and wellness, but I’m also very much about having amazing treats when I do treat myself. Like quality over quantity. Which is why I’m focusing today’s post about the best chocolate in the world. It’s seriously the best chocolate I’ve ever had and I’m so loving Purdy’s  for sending me this beautiful box of chocolates. It’s so Instagrammable I had to snap pics before they’re all gone. Oops! The mini hedgehog is the cutest too, and also the most insane thing I’ve ever tasted.









New life motto: life is short, have the chocolate:)

2 thoughts on “Life is Short, Have the Chocolate. (Overcoming Eating/Image Disorders & Treating Yourself)

  1. I loved reading this post. I spent years struggling with health and fitness. I would go one from one extreme; hours of exercise and calorie counting, to binging on all sorts of junk. It’s only in the last few years that I have learnt about balance. These chocolates look super delicious! 🙂

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