Long Hair Because I Care

CZEbytaniablogI can’t believe it’s been six week since I first tried my Cze by Tania hot oil hair mask. And not just because the time has whizzed by (because it has), but because it’s insane that the strength and softness my hair has is the result of a six-week process.

Oh, and I’m not stopping either. This “challenge” was more of a treat than anything. I now completely understand why Tania mentioned that one of her clients considers it a waste of a hair wash without first using the treatment.

My hair not only looks and feels dramatically softer, but it looks longer! I kid you not, my hair is still growing, not breaking all the time like it used to — this is Rapunzel cream.

I took about a tablespoon of the oil — sometimes I mic’d it, sometimes I didn’t — and massaged it into my scalp and brushed it through so each strand had the good stuff. I slathered it throughout my mane once or twice a week before bed and washed it out in the a.m. I also made sure to wrap my pillow in a towel to make sure I wasn’t getting any of the oil on my bedding. Minor sacrifices. 

And okay, it’s not just the Czy by Tania that I attribute the extra sprouting from, but it has been a noticeable helping hand over the past few weeks.

As I’ve continuously mentioned, my hair has grown tremendously over the past two years and it’s because of the 180 I did with my ‘hair hygiene’. I stopped colouring it (I’m now known for my once a year salon visits, oops!), I stopped excessively straightening it, and I stopped blowdrying it. A lot of the time I sleep on wet hair and wake up and weave a lose braid into my messy mop. And along with these equally-important tactics, I still adhere to my twice a week hair wash rule. Dry shampoo, baby! It’s like health and fitness, it’s a lifestyle change, one I’ve stayed true to to the past two years. Goodbye Pamela locks — see ya never!

Tania’s magic concoction of specialty oils is definitely worth getting your hands on. She’s even expanding her line to suit the needs of men, and roumer has it she’s concocting a special overnight lavender scented hair mask with sleep aid properties! Does she know her audience or what?

Follow her on Instagram: @czebytania, and order your own jar at czebytania@gmail.com to start sprouting your own Rapunzel locks. Trust me, you’ll be telling everyone you know about it too!







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