The Best Spray Tan in Town

Lately I’ve been feeling a little ‘blah’. And I really hate to admit it because it probably sounds bad (?), but it might be correlated to the fact that I’m feeling like I look a little ‘blah’. I don’t know, it’s like if you go to a party and you hate your outfit — sure, you’ll still have fun, but it’s just so much better if you don’t. Amiright?

I’ve always considered myself a summer girl, and feel the happiest when the sun’s shining  and the temperature’s hot. Although I do take my vitamin D supplements and try to work next to a window as much as possible, there’s just no denying that living where temperatures dip down colder than Mars can also dip you mood.

It’s true. You can only plug away at the computer desk under florescent lights for so long before you start to feel as dull as the worn out eraser sitting next to you. For me anyways. I need summer, or something that at least reminds me of it.

So yesterday, I looked down at my fingers as they danced across my keyboard. My knuckles a little chapped, my cuticles a little ragged. My hands, they looked like winter. Give me summer, I could almost hear the pasty things yell. So I had an idea — I knew what would boost my mood. I called Fabutan for a Mystic Tan. 

I used to go for a Mystic a couple times per month, but since I’ve been back at school I haven’t even though about it. I used to love that little extra glow. And without any sort of UV rays, I figured why not?



So i stepped in to the studio and in just a few hours, I already noticed a glow. And although I was still plunked down in front of my computer screen in the middle of a Manitoban winter, it was just what the doctor ordered.



How does it work?

Fabutan’s patented Spray Tan process features MagneTan application technology to use the human body’s own magnetic properties to attract Tanning Myst™ to every exposed surface of the skin. When the mist passes through the patented spray nozzle, the micro-particles adhere evenly, and in a precise uniform amount to the exposed skin to create a smooth, even and natural-looking tan.




What I love most about Mystic Tans are their natural look. Nobody wants to look like they stepped off a yacht in the middle of winter, and they also don’t want to look like they bathed in self-tanner. But they also don’t want to look like Casper or one of his distant relatives — there’s a fine line.

Although there’s three shades to choose from, I find I always get the best results from the ‘medium’ shade. And since you slather your hands and feet with a protecting cream, theres never any streaks (note: this is a lot to expect out of a self-tanner). This is also partially due to the ‘enhancer’ add-on that I always get. It helps to keep the tan lasting longer and reduces the possibility of streaks.

You can also add a scent to your Mystic since there’s always going to bit a little bit of that unpleasant DHA scent that comes with any artificial tan. I, personally, forgo this extra add-on because I shower the next day anyways (remember to pat dry to keep discolouration at bay). But, if you were to head out on the town immediately after your tan, you could always go for a subtle coconut-lime scent to eliminate any trace of that odour.

Click here for pricing and any other details if you’re interested — it’s the best mid-winter treat to distract you from winter’s pasty blues.

xo T


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