CZE By Tania — Hair Growth Magic Potion!

blogcze.jpgSo I’m starting a six week challenge, and it has nothing to do with diet or exercise.

Once a week, I’ll be treating my tresses to Cze by Tania — a natural and organic, pre-shampoo hot oil treatment for damaged, dry and over processed hair. The product is known for adding moisture, healing split ends, preventing hair breakage and allowing your hair to grow longer.

I met with Tania yesterday and she was such a sweetie and bubbling with enthusiasm about her flagship product. She makes it by hand and says the special concoction she’s produced with coconut oil, nut and seed oils and vitamin E have left clients with noticeably healthier and longer hair in just weeks. She says most clients are hooked even after the first use when they realize how soft, shiny and manageable their locks have become — not a bad result for just $25 a jar.

But, since she encouraged me to stick with the masque for 6 weeks before giving complete feedback, I thought I’d take her up on it. As I sit here beside my towel-protected pillow with my hair slicked into a top knot with a cocktail of vitamins and oils, I’m even more hopeful for Rapunzel-length locks.

Because of drastically reduced blowdrying, bleaching and washing over the last two years, my hair is the longest it’s been in my adult life. Let’s keep this going.

Stay tuned over the next six weeks for my continued Cze by Tania review!

Cze by Tania will be available online and in stores in the coming months, but follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram @taniacze to find out latest news and product info. To begin your hair growth journey, call/text her to try your first jar: (204)880-9502.

P.s. it’s 21 days into “Dry-uary”, and still going’ strong! Love me a good challenge.


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