My Summer 2015 To-Do List


The long awaited, coveted and arguably dangerously-hyped gem-of-a-season is here. And before it’s swept away by the rude cackle of winter, there are a few things I hope to cross off my list. Some small, some big, and in between breaths of crip air and sips of rhubarb wine, I plan to hit ’em all. But unlike my other to-do lists this year that nipped and nagged with pulsing deadlines, I’ll cross these off on my own time — easily and breazily and underneath gleaming summer light.

Join a beach vollyball team

Make a fun video montage

Take a sunset photo of a hay bail on the side of a highway

Take really great photos

Get said photos developed and make a scrapbook

Bake a paleo blueberry pie

Host a pool party in Winnipeg

Go to the beach

Perfect the handstand

Learn tennis

Get better at Photoshop

Do at least 3 unassisted pullups

Write poetry

Watch and understand Star Wars

Learn how to (reliably) serve overhand in vollyball

Make a summer 2015 playlist of all our songs

Attend some sort of outdoor food/music festival



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