Yoga in the Park

abbyblog2Today is one of those days.

The school term is coming to an end, but assignments (and stress) are snowballing.

There’s group work. There’s proposal writing. There’s less sleep than I’d like (or need).

I’m tired.

But at least I have cool projects to work on, and have cool people to do them with.

And at least the sun is out – it’s springtime in Winnipeg.

Thanks to Abby for posing as my model for my group magazine project this weekend at St. Vital park.

The magazine – peel magazine – is coming along beautifully and it’s fun to see all the sweat and tears come together the way it is.

The photos from this shoot will be for a photo essay type spread for the “peel Woman of the Month.” Casting Abby was a no-brainer. She’s obviously insanely photogenic, and she was able to showoff her new handstand skills.

We laid in the middle of the road and did handstands and crow poses as cars flew by. Nobody was run over, and we even got a few claps.

Although I’m in the thick of CreComm (and might have even had a CreCry or two), I’m thankful for the people in my life who are able to take my mind off the inevitable stresses and enjoy a walk in the park.


One thought on “Yoga in the Park

  1. ITs no surprize that you Abby were chosen. You are simply beautiful……..and ……those yoga moves are impressive.


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