Hit the Barre


Winter is coming to an end, or so they say. The frosty wind that bites at my cheeks every morning implies otherwise, but my calendar has March 10th circled in red. SPRING – It’s coming, and then so is summer.

And I’m suspecting this is the reason behind the influx of messages asking if my Barre class is full. I see it almost as often as: “What on earth is Barre?”

With longer days come longer thoughts of bikinis, and gyms and fitness studios become busier. Fitness fads rejoice.

Except it isn’t one.

The original barre workout (pronounced “bar”) was founded by – surprise – a ballerina in the 70s, but you won’t need coordination or pointe shoes for this class.

And despite the name, you will not be twirling around a stripper pole, and you won’t be hoisting a barbell.

You will, however, be channeling your inner Pilates fanatic, yogi, and ballerina at the stationary ballet barre that’s fastened to the wall.

And aside from a few props like 2-3lbs sand balls, small stability balls and resistance bands, it’s completely bodyweight-oriented.

But it’s not easy.

With lots of matt work; small, one-inch pulses; and static holds, you won’t be leaving without burning legs and drenched hair.
Trust me. I won’t let you.

As a personal trainer versed in functional-training with a background in dance and a passion for yoga, I appreciate the originality of Barre and mix a lot into my classes.

I combine stretch-based moves into the hour, and use traditional strength training exercises like deadlifts, bicep curls with a band, and different types of squats.

Lots of squats.

I see my clients become stronger each week, and as an awesome compliment to running, Crossfit, and at-home circuit training, I see their bodies change too.

As ballet meets strength training, it’s no wonder why the craze is just that – it seriously works.

And it’s fun.

To join my Barre Inspired classes Tuesdays at 7:30pm or Saturdays at 9:00am at Revive Fitness St. Vital (468 St.Anne’s Rd), email tannismiller@hotmail.com

2 thoughts on “Hit the Barre

  1. Strength training is one of the things I’ve always loved about dance. I’ve never enjoyed just going to the gym, this sounds like something I’d love to try out. Thanks for sharing!


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