Drink Your Way to Healthy Skin


Before you begin setting up your shakers and olives, let me briefly serve as the bearer of bad news and begin by clarifying that what I’m referring to is indeed H20. Because (sorry), although martinis may make you feel younger and sexier, they aren’t going to solve your life problems (or your skin’s anyways).

With that being said, you probably won’t catch me going too far without my trusty, purple, Lululemon water bottle safely stowed away in my purse. And it’s not because I’m out-of-this-world thirsty or because I have some undisclosed health issue, and it’s certainly not because I have a particular love for going to the bathroom every 30 minutes. It’s because of its plentiful array of health and beauty benefits. Depending on my activity level, I drink between 3-4 litres of water per day. At first glance, and especially if you’re accustomed to downing much less of the bland beverage, this looks like an ungodly amount of sipping – but rest assured, you can easily do it, and your bladder will adjust.

And it will pay off.

Not only do I now get headachy and groggy if I’m not consistently sipping, but because my body has learned to expect a certain level of hydration, other consequences of thirst bear extra weight for me. Irritability, mistaken pangs of hunger-for-thirst, and sallow skin are all common side effects of dehydration one might experience if their water intake doesn’t measure up. And it probably doesn’t. Of most personal training clients I’ve worked with, most don’t even come near to where they should be when it comes to daily water intake. Water is one of the most underrated beauty products out there, and the easiest health goal to hit if you’re striving to meet one. Still not convinced? Here’s some of my favourite benefits of toting a (spill-proof, stainless steel) water bottle around at all times, and I promise it’s worth the nerdy-ness you may endure:

  • You’ll develop clearer, more radiant skin
  • You’ll achieve deeper, better quality sleeps
  • You’ll experience less urges to snack when you’re not actually hungry
  • Your mood and brain power will be boosted
  • Your body will be more efficient at flushing out toxins like uric and lactic acid and lessen the burden on your kidneys
  • You’ll be able to prevent and combat colds and flue more efficiently
  • You’ll loose weight more easily (and be more successful in keeping it off!)

Although its difficult for experts to agree on exactly how much water a person needs, I can almost guarantee you aren’t getting enough. And although it’s technically possible to drink too much water, most of the population veers toward, yes, dehydration – as drastic as it seems. If you suffer from back pain, stomach pains, or extreme fatigue, you could very well be experiencing a version of dehydration and it’s time to take the reins and start chugging. If you find the challenge daunting, I’d recommend making a goal for yourself to start off by downing 1 liter by noon, and another two liters by the time you go to bed.


Your skin and what’s inside will thank you.

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