How to Surprise a Bride-to-Be


Through the summer and fall I’m usually booked every weekend for makeup. Weddings are huge in the summer, and lately, they’re becoming even more popular in fall. Saturday mornings are usually my busiest for bridal makeup, but last saturday was a little different. One of my most long term best friends, Lindsay, is engaged to be married Nov. 21st of this year to her love, Darby. I’m an honoured bridesmaid, and completely ecstatic to doll this charasmatic beauty up for her big day. This saturday was our trial makeup appointment. Or, so she thought.


I’ve done Lindsay’s makeup since high-school when back in the day, Saturday’s playing with makeup would instead be called “pre-game’s” before parties where vodka-spiked beverages were present, and responsibilities weren’t. Now, here I sit before her, snapping pics of her bridal-appropriate wedding makeup, trying to decide between a crimson red pout, or neutral yet smokey, chocolate eyes. Which would be more timeless and photograph best against her ivory dress? Oh, how times have changed.


We decided to go with glossy, rosy lips, (my own concoction in this case, as I’ve always been inclined to mix up my own colours – it’s otherwise somehow never the right shade), and a defined, yet neutral eye with soft and bright highlights so she glows on camera, and in person.

I sprayed her three quick spritz of my Urban Decay – All Nighter setting spray, and I was on my way – she had dinner plans with Darby! Or, so she thought. 

I ended up seeing Linz about five hours later at our friend Britt’s house. She was SO surprised when she walked in and saw about 15 of us girls there, all donning black and wearing the biggest of grins, it was time to party, bachelorette party style!

The bride-to-be locked eyes with me and instantly knew why it was that I insisted our trial be for Oct. 18th.

How I kept it a secret for the hour and a half we played with makeup and photos is still just as much of a mystery as that was for her that night.

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