Confessions of a Makeup Artist

Simply put, my name is Tannis and I’m a first year Creative Communications student at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I’m passionate about a lot of things, but for the sake of this blog, makeup will take center stage.

As early as I can remember caring about the way I look (circa grade 11), makeup and beauty products have been things I’ve always been drawn to for whatever the case may be. Is there a difference between passion and obsession? If there is, there’s a fine line in this regard. Maybe it’s the secret inner artist that lives within me that I’ve yet to encounter, or maybe it’s because I find it fascinating to be able to recreate the way you present yourself to the world without actually having to change anything else about yourself internally. Maybe this says more about me than I’ve ever come to realize, but either way, we’ll go with obsession and it’s helped me hone my craft for makeup artistry. It could not be more true that when ya love something, you get good at at.

I think what I like most about makeup is that it is not permanent. A bare face is almost like an artist with a blank canvas (I’ve quickly learned in my first week at CreComm that I’ve also been a bit too into cliches in my writing but it really works for this, so bear with me), but better. With paint brushes coming at a canvas, there’s that certainty that once it touches the stark white, it’s there for good, there’s no going back. Maybe that’s part of the rush for the artist, but either way, you must be prepared to roll with what you’ve started. Good or bad, makeup is far less committal and arguably the most personal form of art one can wear.

My intention here on this beauty blog medium is to allow you a glimpse at some staples that inspire my style, along with tips, tutorials, and whatever other amazing links or products I love. My favorite way to apply and wear makeup is to appear as though it isn’t being worn at all. Just like my love for almost everything sheer, soft, and light, I absolutely adore and notice amazing skin and love for it to radiate as the main attraction in any look.  Or, I should reiterate, amazing looking skin. I also love coconut, braids, the colour pink (not just any shade, but the perfect shade of pink), and anything timelessly bohemian chic. I could not tell you what my style is, but I know what I like, and if you happen to be interested in what that is, then follow me here!

Thanks for reading!

XO t

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